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The following people, listed in alphabetical order of the last name, have contributed images and spot records to the Birds of India website. Phone numbers have a +91 country code unless specified.
Name of the contributor Based in Email Phone number Social media handle Link to BOI
Deepti Bajaj Pune, MH email 9689-611-572 Deepti Bajaj Link to images
Amol Bapat Pune, MH email 9890-833-379 Amol Bapat Link to images
Abhijeet Bayani Bengaluru, KA email 9767-047-700 Abhijeet Bayani Link to images
Tushar Bhagwat Alibag, MH email NA Tushar Bhagwat Link to images
Milind Bhakare Satara, MH email 9822-910-260 Milind Bhakare Link to images
Nisha Bhakat Kolkata, WB email NA Nisha Bhakat Link to images
Ananga Bhattacharya NA email 9910-153-604 Ananga Bhattacharya Link to images
Gargi Biswas Kharagpur, WB email NA Gargi Biswas Link to images
Kunal Chakraborty Alipurduar, WB email 8944-914-518 Kunal Chakraborty  Link to images
Omkar Damle Thane, MH email 9987-390-513 Omkar Damle Link to images
Madhuri Deshmukh Mumbai, MH email 9769-226-664 Madhuri Deshmukh Link to images
Ameya Deshpande Aurangabad, MH email 9028-851-810 Ameya Deshpande Link to images
Yamini Atul Dhopavkar Mumbai, MH email 8454-845-926 Yamini Dhopavkar Link to images
Tushar Dixit Pune, MH email NA Tushar Dixit Link to images
Rohit Girotra Bengaluru, KA email 9900-174-245 Rohit Girotra Link to images
Rajesh Gopinath Bengaluru, KA email NA Rajesh Gopinath Link to images
Shashidharswamy Hiremath Kadaramandalagi, KA email 8861-308-304 Shashidharswamy Hiremath Link to images
Vishal Jadhav Pune, MH email 9890-038-357 Vishal Jadhav Link to images
Vijayraj Jare Pune, MH email NA Vijayraj Jare Link to images
Shreeprasad Joshi Pune, MH email 8554-899-035 Shreeprasad Joshi Link to images
Rahul Kala Dehradun, UK email 9837-474-630 Rahul Kala Link to images
Amit Kalele Pune, MH email NA Amit Kalele Link to images
Tarun Karmakar Bengaluru, KA email 9733-253-291 Tarun Karmakar Link to images
Mahen Konwar Pune, MH email NA Mahen Konwar Link to images
Udaya Kumar Madurai, TN email 9894-773-019 Udaya Kumar Link to images
Krushnamegh Kunte Bengaluru, KA email 9483-525-925 K Kunte Link to images
Rohan Lovalekar Chiplun, MH email 8805-025-569 Rohan Lovalekar Link to images
Abhinav Nair Thane, MH email 7977-763-986 Abhinav Nair Link to images
Arabinda Pal Kolkata, WB email 9775-133-501 Arabinda Pal Link to images
Arpit Parekh Mumbai, MH email 9860-152-820 Arpit Parekh Link to images
Pranad Patil Kanha TR, MP email 8879-968-546 Pranad Patil Link to images
Vinod Pudhiveedu Bengaluru, KA email 9035-890-889 Vinod Pudhiveedu Link to images
Chandrakant Rajeshirke Chiplun, MH email 9930-595-077 Chandrakant Rajeshirke Link to images
Sandeep Ranade Thane, MH email 9773-171-016 Sandeep Ranade Link to images
Mangal Rane Sindhudurga, MH email 9833-488-588 Mangal Rane Link to images
Harpal Rawat Chamoli, UK email 7075-051-170 Harpal Singh Rawat Link to images
Pratibha Riswadkar Bhalukpong, AR email 9665-416-524 Pratibha Riswadkar Link to images
Subhajit Roy Durgapur, WB email 7479-374-382 Subhajit Roy Link to images
Sagar Sarang Thane, MH email 8452-067-823 Sagar Sarang Link to images
Aradhya Sardesai Mumbai, MH email 9833-374-045 Aradhya Sardesai Link to images
Varun Satose Mumbai, MH email 9823-412-110 Varun Satose Link to images
Dattaprasad Sawant Mumbai, MH email 8793-839-148 Dattaprasad Sawant Link to images
Saurabh Sawant Mumbai, MH email 9987-000-084 Saurabh Sawant Link to images
Alka Vaidya Mumbai, MH email 9820-327-752 Alka Vaidya Link to images
Uday D Wandkar Ratnagiri, MH email 9822-129-335 Uday Wandkar Link to images

Please contact us with your details if your entry is missing from the table above.

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