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Pachycephala cinerea (Blyth, 1847) – Mangrove Whistler

Taxonomic Notes:

Subspecies in India: Pachycephala cinerea cinerea (Blyth, 1847). This is also known as the Grey Thickhead.

Breeding season: April to July.

Nest: A thin, flimsy, cup-shaped structure attached by means of cobwebs to the twigs supporting it. Placed in small trees between one and four meters above the ground.

Eggs: 0.2, creamy buff marked with small spots ranging from sepia to blackish brown, and secondary spots of lavender, forming a zone around the large end, sparse elsewhere. The average size of 26 eggs: 21.7 x 15.7 mm.
Indian and global distribution:
Only one subspecies is resident from the coast of Sundarbans (Bay of Bengal) to south-east Asia & Andaman Islands.

records (based on images):
Size: 150-170 mm.

Distinguishing characters:
Dull grey head, ashy brown forehead and sides of the face, light grey lores and ashy grey breast with whitish underparts, olive brown upperparts, thick bill and large head.

Similar Species in India: Similar to Woodshrikes but no white supercilium or white in tail feathers. Also distribution, behaviour, and habitat are distinct.

Sexual, seasonal & individual variation:
Status, Habitat and Habits:

Widespread but rare resident. Local, found usually singly or in pairs. Inhabits coastal vegetation and mangroves, but can be seen in forests adjoining estuaries or mangrove swamps.

Food: Feeds on insects, catching them on wing like Brown Flycatchers or on tree trunks.

Call/Song: A loud and clear whistle, repeated three or four times on a rising scale, or prolonged and drawn out, followed by a sudden higher or lower note.

Migration Status: It is a resident species.

IUCN status: Least Concern.

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Aves > Passeriformes > Pachycephalidae > Pachycephala

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