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Anser albifrons (Scopoli, 1769) – Greater White-fronted Goose

Taxonomic Notes:

Alternative Names: Lauging Goose.

Old Taxonomy: Branta albifrons Scopoli, 1789.

Subspecies in India: Anser albifrons albifrons (Scopoli, 1789).

Breeding Season: May to JuneExtralimital (mainly Arctic coasts of Europe and Asia).

Nest: Nests made of twigs and grasses around marshes, lakes.

Eggs: 3-5 eggs.

Indian and global distribution:
records (based on images):


Length: 66-86 cm, Weight: 2-3 kg, 

Distinguishing Characters: 

Adult: Ashy-brown overall, pink beak with broad white patch on the forehead (around the base of beak), black barrings on belly, dark rump, yellow legs. 
Young/Immature: Overall duller, absence of the white patch around beak and forehead, yellow legs.

Similar Species in India:

Greylag Goose: Differs from Greater White-fronted by having pink beak, pink legs, absence of white patch around beak. 

Lesser White-fronted Goose: Differs from Greater White-fronted by having a yellow eye-ring and small size. 

Bean Goose: Differs from Greater White-fronted by having overall darker colouration, black beak with yellow spot.

Sexual, seasonal & individual variation:

The sexes are alike, there is no distinguishable seasonal and individual variation. 
Status, Habitat and Habits:

It is usually seen along with the larger gregarious flocks of Greylag and Bar-headed Geese. Greater White-fronted geese occur in 2s or 4s in such flocks. Usually active early in the day, resting during afternoon and active again by evening. 

Foraging Behaviour: Diet is largely herbivorous, feeding on grasses and sometimes feeding on small crustaceans, amphibians, molluscs and fishes.

Call/Song: Loud high-pitched musical disyllabic honking.

Migration Status: Strongly Migratory, a sparse and a rare winter visitor in India and mainly in the northern and central regions.

IUCN Status: Least Concern.


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Aves > Anseriformes > Anatidae > Anser

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