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Species entries in the systematic catalogue of Indian birds are hyperlinked to the species pages as new species pages get created with images and information. The main goal of species pages is to provide summaries of the natural history of Indian birds online for free. This will include information on identification, distribution, status, habitat, habits, and nesting and juvenile stages. A prominent component of species pages is a constantly growing collection of reference photographs of Indian birds. These photographs depict birds in nature, illustrating their plumage across seasons, sex and individuals.

Three ways to reach species pages: We are improving ways to search and reach species pages. Currently, the easiest way to reach a species page is to click through taxonomic rankings given in the 'Species Tree' in the left column. This way you can also see related taxonomic categories that you may want to explore. If you know the name of the species that you are looking for but not its taxonomic placement, search for the species page by entering the species name in the "Search" box to the left. As mentioned above, you can also reach species pages from the systematic catalogue.

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